Mail Articles

This is a collection of mail articles I have gathered together over the years. They are all in PDF format.

1. The Mail-maker’s Technique – E. Martin Burgess
2. Further Research into the Construction of Mail Garments – E. Martin Burgess
3. The Mail Shirt from Sinigaglia – E. Martin Burgess
4. A Reply to Cyril Stanley Smith on Mail Making Methods – E. Martin Burgess
5. Methods of Making Chain Mail (14th to 18th Centuries) A Metallographic Note – Cyril Stanley Smith
6. The Manufacture of Mail in Medieval Europe: A Technical Note – Alan R. Williams
7. Examination of Mail Armor Links from the Metropolitan Museum of Art – J. R. Vilella
8. Roman Chain-Mail: Experiments to Reproduce the Techniques of Manufacture – David Sim
9. The Making of Mail at Omdurman
10.The manufacture of chain-mail – Arne Jouttijärvi
11. Ring Weave: A metallographical analysis of ring mail material at the Oldsaksamlingen in Oslo – Vegard Vike (English)
12. A Haubergeon of Westwale – William Reid, F.S.A. Scot., and E. Martin Burgess, F.S.A.
13. A Mail Shirt from the Hearst Collection – E. Martin Burgess
14. Ring Weave: A Metallographical Analysis of Ring Mail Material at the Oldsaksamlingen in Oslo – Vegard Vike (Norwegian)
15. The Development of Roman Mailed Cavalry – John W. Eadie
16. Technical Note on the Fragment of Iron Mail from Carlingwark Loch – E. Martin Burgess
17. Ein Ringpanzer Der Hallstattzeit – Vilem Hruby
18. The Roman Fort at Wallsend (Segedunum): Excavations in 1997-8
19. Ringväa från Birkas garnison
20. The Anglian Helm from Coppergate – Dominic Tweddle (The Mail Curtain)
21. Iron Age Cemeteries in East Yorkshire
22. Folly Lane (Verulamium): The Mail Shirt – B. J. Gilmore
23. Resten van een lorica hamata uit Fluitenberg, gem. Ruinen – W.A.B. van der Sanden
24. Fragments of a Lorica Hamata from a barrow at Fluitenberg, Netherlands – W. A. B. van der Sanden (English)
25. Technische Untersuchung der kaiserzeitlichen Ringbrünne von Brokær von Arne Jouttijärvi
26. Fremstilling af ringbrynjer – Arne Jouttijärvi (Danish)
27. The Lexden Tumulus: A re-appraisal of an Iron Age burial from Colchester, Essex – Jennifer Foster
28. The Missing Link – Sonia O’Connor
29. A fragment of Chain-Mail from the Romano-British Temple Site at Woodeaton – E.M. Jope
30. Metaograficky Vyzkum Velkomoravske Krouzkove Zbroje Z Breclavi-Pohanska – Radomir Pleiner

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