A little background info…

What began in college as a slight interest would later evolve into a hobby. A hobby, as luck would have it, that became an occupation. For good or bad, the occupation eventually transformed itself into an all-consuming obsession. One that would consume the majority of my waking hours for a fair number of years. At any given time during this period, I would be perfecting my craft by working ten to twelve hours a day, seven days a week. That was my life. Nothing else really mattered.

So, did I achieve perfection? Some would argue that I did. Of course my being a perfectionist obviously means that I do not share their sentiment, as I always feel there is room for improvement. There are only a small amount of images that show what I have done over the years simply because I am horrible about taking pictures of my work. That said, I will endeavor to post what pictures I have of my previous work as time allows.

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